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Centos에서 HP PSP설치

  1. 에서 서버 모델별 패키지 파일 다운로드


  2. snmp 서비스 설치 및 활성화
    $> yum install net-snmp -y
  3. 압축 해제
    $> tar -zxvf hp-psp-8.60-8-CentOS.tar.gz
    $> cd psp/CentOS/5/i386/current
  4. HP PSP 설치 및 구성하기
    $> yum localinstall ./*.rpm
    $> /sbin/hpsnmpconfig
    This configuration script will configure SNMP to integrate with the HP SIM and
    the HP System Management Homepage by editting the snmpd.conf file. The HP-SNMP-Agents can also exist in a more secure
    SNMP environment (e.g. VACM) that you have previously configured. See the
    hp-snmp-agents(4) man page for specific details on how to configure the VACM entries
    in the ‘snmpd.conf’ file. You may press <ctrl+c> now to exit now if needed.
    Do you wish to use an existing snmpd.conf (y/n) (Blank is n): 엔터
    You will now be asked a series of SNMP configuration questions. How you answer
    these question will affect the way SNMP behaves. Configuring SNMP could have
    security implications on your system. If you are not sure how to answer a
    question, you can abort by pressing and no changes will be made to
    your SNMP configuration.
    Enter the localhost SNMP Read/Write community string
    (one word, required, no default): public
    Re-enter the same input to confirm: public
    ACCEPTED: inputs match!
    Enter localhost SNMP Read Only community string
    (one word, Blank to skip):
    Enter Read/Write Authorized Management Station IP or DNS name
    (Blank to skip): 엔터
    Enter Read Only Authorized Management Station IP or DNS name
    (Blank to skip): 엔터
    Enter default SNMP trap community string
    (One word; Blank to skip): 엔터
    Enter SNMP trap destination IP or DNS name
    (One word; Blank to skip): 엔터
    The system contact is set to
    syscontact Root <root@localhost> (configure /etc/snmp/snmp.local.conf)
    Do you wish to change it (y/n) (Blank is n): 엔터
    The system location is set to
    syslocation Unknown (edit /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf)
    Do you wish to change it (y/n) (Blank is n): 엔터
    NOTE: New snmpd.conf entries were added to the top of /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf
    snmpd is started
  5. HP PSP 서비스 실행
    $> /etc/init.d/snmpd start
    $> /etc/init.d/hp-snmp-agents start
    $> /etc/init.d/hpsmhd restart
    $> /etc/init.d/hp-health start
    $> /etc/init.d/hp-asrd start
  6. PSP 포트 상태 확인
    $> netstat -antp | grep hp
    tcp   0  0*  LISTEN   9035/hpsmhd
    tcp   0  0*  LISTEN   9035/hpsmhd
  7. PSP 접속하기 - http://서버IP:2381/ (계정정보는 root계정과 동일)


  8. psp패키지 삭제절차
    $> yum erase hp*
  9. HP 툴이름별 역활
    툴 이름 역  활
    hp-healt  hhp시스템상태 및 명렬줄 유틸리티
    hponcfg iLO온라인 구성 유틸리티
    hp-snmp-agents 시스템 management snmp 에이전트
    hpsmh 시스템 관리 홈페이지
    hp-smh-templates 홈페이지 템플릿
    cpqacuxe 디스크 구성 유틸리티
    hp-ams iLO 내부상태 및 경고 지원